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A few months ago, I started to look for a Airsmith that could work on my Magpul PTS Masada. It was having issues and the gun was not shooting consistently. I also wanted to get my KWA SR-7 overhauled in preparation for Pine Plains V that was happening at Ft. Drum, NY. I asked around, and several people told me to reach out to Steve Drolet, AKA Cirque. He is a member of a local team in New England called the Horsemen.

I got in contact with Steve, and after several weeks of working on both my Masada and KWA SR-7, they were ready to be picked up. A buddy of mine also had a few AEGs with him, so we both made the trip down to meet Steve and collect our AEGs.

In person, Steve could not of been a greater guy, was very helpful in explaining what was done to both of my AEGs. We then test fired and he made any last minute tweaks to the guns.

Both of my guns were now shooting great! They were shooting at a more consistent (and higher FPS) and Rate of Fire (ROF).  The internal works that was done now made them more reliable on the field, which is what you want.

If you are looking for an Airsmith that can work on your AEG or upgrade your AEG, I would highly recommend contacting Steve at Pew Pew Custom Airsmithing

Contact Information:
Cell: 508-837-3722
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