FIGHT for FALLUJAH @ Ultimate Battleground

FIGHT for FALLUJAH  @ Ultimate Battleground

I had the opportunity to play at field in Bourne, MA, The Ultimate Battleground .  They are an outdoor field that is right off the rotary if you are heading to Cape Cod, MA. The field itself is made up of several areas that are built to resemble towns, a POW camp, and two FOBs.

This was my first time at this field and from the buzz that I was hearing from other players, I was excited to see what all of this buzz was about.

The event pitted the US verse an insurgent force. The goal was for the tan (US/Coalition Forces) to capture and hold “Fallujah”. Our rules of engagement (ROE) was that we could not fire on a Green team member unless fired upon. Before the game started, I did not know how much trigger time I was going to get (we soon found out a lot!).

The first part of the event, found the Tan team members quickly engaged with the Insurgents that were inside the village area fairly quickly. The insurgents were dug in well and with the high ground, and use of two second story buildings, they had the ability to reach out and touch us.

There was a lot of fire back and forth, and a lot of the red “dead rags” were up in the air on the tan team. We could not get into the city and put any sustained push.  As time was ticking down, our CO called for a “Tears of the Sun” rush into the POW camp, which is next to the village. It must of been very unsettling for the insurgents to see 11 Tan players rushing from the woodline.  Needless to say, we occupied the POW camp and had control of the town as part 1 ended.

For the 2nd part of the game, the US/tan team had to hold the city, and repulse any insurgent attacks. The first 1/2 of this portion of the game had less trigger time, and a lot more role playing as the green team was trying to find ways to insert their suicide bombers, and probe for Tan team weaknesses. But, soon enough, the Green Team started to fire and we returned fire.

The firefights were fierce and both sides fought with honesty and a lot of heart.  I would say that as the 2nd part of this event came to an end,  this section was a draw.

The final portion of this event was a “Down Pilot” scenario, the US/Tan team had to rescue two pilots from a small plane.  To add some realism and increase the difficulty, smoke grenades were set off to simulate burning wreckage and it gave cover to any insurgent team members that were in the area. The fighting was hot and heavy, but the US was able to extract the two pilots.

It was an excellent event. Thank you to all that attended and played with honor.

If you are looking a excellent outdoor field, and are in the New England area. I would highly recommend checking this field out.

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