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Rite in the Rain Notepads

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Rite in the Rain Notepads and All-Weather Pens

I have been a huge fan of this brand of  all-weather notepads for years. I first found out about them when I  was a diver and would keep one in my drysuit pocket to be able to write down my decompression tables.

As I moved into the Airsoft world and started to attend larger events, there were times when I needed to take notes about the game, or make a hasty roster. Having this small notebook in my hands was a life saver.  And, using their all-weather pen made my notes readable, even after I was out in the rain for many hours.

Rite in the Rain’s pages are all-weather and actually shed water off the page to allow you to write pretty much everywhere you could think of while in the outdoors. You can use either a pencil, or one of their All-Weather Pens.  I am a huge fan of their “Tactical Clicker” pen.

I currently have two different size notepads in my “collection. The one that I take out into the field, and just returned from the SHOT show (it also fits well into a pant’s cargo pocket) is their  3×5 inch notepad (Model # 935T).

It is the perfect size to take some quick notes, or write down answers to interview questions. I have found it fits perfectly into an admin style pouch and there is still enough room for other items.  Another nice feature is that the back cover has measurement marks in centimeters and inches as well as the model number (helps when you need to re-order).

My second Rite in the Rain notebook is their Outdoor Journal (Model # 1773).  It is  4 3/8 x 7 inches will be new note taking journal for outdoor gear reviews.  Like its smaller counterpart, the covers are plastic and in a pinch make a great straightedge.

Now, what to use to write all of this down? Well, you can use a pencil, or one of the 8 different models that Rite in the Rain has for that particular Outdoor person.

So, if you need to be outdoors for games, at the range, or on a long hike and you want to document your journey, I highly recommend that you have one of their notepads or journals on hand.


– Eric Out!



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