G-Code MULE and XST Kydex Holster
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G-Code MULE and XST Kydex Holster

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TGL has been a fan of G-Code and their line or Holsters and attachment systems for a long time. We first reviewed their OSH holster and RTI Wheel last year. A few months ago, we started to see pictures of a new drop leg style platform and it piqued our interest. I currently run my OSH on the HSGI Sure Grip Padded Belt and like that it sits up on the hip. The traditional drop legs always worried me, as I did not want any gear on the legs to get snagged as I moved during an Airsoft event.

When the MULE was introduced, I noticed that it sat very high on the leg and it looked like it was not too high, or too low. It’s right in the middle of both setups. And, when G-Code asked if we wanted to review one, we jumped at the chance to check it out in person!

G-Code says that the MULE is a Intermediate Suspension Platform (ISS). Which means that it rides higher on the leg that a standard drop leg setup, but does not mount directly to a belt. It is desigined to work with the RTI wheel for mounting your G-Code Holster of choice.  Mounting the MULE to your belt can be done in three different ways. G-Code offers it in an RTI configuration (the top strap has an the RTI nubs that would fit into your belt’s RTI Wheel), the REAC clips onto your Rigger or Duty Belt. And finally, a Standard Drop Leg, where you would run your Rigger or Duty Belt through the top strap.

MULE and the 3 different attachment options (L to R: Belt, REAC, RTI)

We have and will continue to test the REAC and RTI Configurations.  The REAC setup allows you to use your standard Riggers/Cobra Buckle Belt with the MULE. And, the RIT configuration allows you to use your RTI Wheel setup and connect the MULE to that. The nicest part is that you can change the down strap to any of the three connection types.

The leg strap is 1 1/2″ and has two rubberized strips running down the inside to prevent it from moving around. Once mounted on the belt and the leg strap was adjusted, the MULE did not move at all. It was very comfortable to wear and drawing my KWA ATP pistol was very smooth. Having the OSH a little lower than normal was an adjustment for me, but I noticed that the holster placed the pistol’s handle at an excellent height for a quick draw.

We also received the XST Kydex Holster to test with the MULE. After using disconnecting the OSH from the RTI wheel and connecting the XST to the MULE, inserting the KWA ATP Pistol and securing the thumb break, we were able to see the difference between the OSH and XST.

MULE with XST Holster

XST Holster with RTI configuration

The XST has a thumb break that you disengage by pressing a spring loaded lever as your arm reaches down and your hand starts to grasp the weapon. The lever is on the inside of the holster and has a crisp action to disengage the break. To reset it, you reholster the weapon and can use your thumb to bring that thumb break back into the upright position.

If you are looking for a Kydex Holster that has two levels of retention  I would strongly suggest looking into the XST holster and, if you are looking for a high mounted leg rig for your holster, take a look at the MULE.




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