Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

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HSP's D3 Chest Rig

HSP’s D3 Chest Rig

When HSP’s D3 Chest Rig arrived at TGL HQ, there were quite a few oohs and ahhs when the package was opened up.  What we saw was a very well made and thought-out chest rig.  After looking at the different variaties of pouches, you can see how HSP designed this rig for the end user and the different scenarios and environments they may be in.

The D3 has the following pouches mounted to its platform:

4 x Rifle Magazine Pouches – HSP designed the pouch to fit M4, AK, and M16 magazines.  The shock cord has a Hypalon tab for easier removal. These tabs were thick and tacky enough to work very well with gloves and bare hands.

2 x Pistol Magazine Pouches – These will fit both single and double stack magazines. By utilizing a rare earth magnet, the pouch will hold the single stack as well as the double stack.  The pouches are also sized to hold multi-tools, knives, and anything the end user can fit into it.

2 x General Purpose (GP) Pouches – Both patches have flap clousres with Velcro on them. These pouches will fit med kits, strobe lights, tools, etc. HSP has even designed their GP pouch to work with their INCOG holster (Designed by G-Code).  

1 x Stuffit Pouch – This is a user defined pouch that can hold just about anything the end user can fit into it.  If it is not needed, pulling the botton shock cord loop will “suck” the pouch closed.

Straps  – The shoulder straps have 3 loops to hold additional items.


Comparsion of the D3 vs a Boonie

This rig is low profile enought to be worn under a jacket, or stash it in a vehicle for active type shooter situations. But, if you need to wear yours in an overt way, you can remove the shoulder and waist straps, and then remove the backing. What you will find is substancial amount of Velcro that will allow you to attach your D3 to your Plate Carrier. It is highly recommended that you use the Maylfower RC/Velocity System’s Swift Clip system to connect the D3 to your PC of choice.

Chest Rig without Straps

Chest Rig without Straps

For TGL, this rig is perfect for range time and training time. When we play airsoft, it is a great rig for short duration games.  As the end user’s mission or AO change, this rig can adapt with them.

If you are worried about the D3 holding up, do not worry.  The D3 is made out of 500D Cordura and the colors available are: Black, Coyote, Multicam, Kryptek Mandrake, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Nomad, and Typhoon.  The D3 retails for $170.00 and can be purchased from HSP Directly.




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