Patrol Incident Gear – The PIG 40 Hour Pack

Patrol Incident Gear is proud to bring to the marketplace one of the best packs available in its size class, the PIG 40 Hour Pack.


The PIG 40 Hour Pack is the culmination of a rigorous 5-year design process originally kicked off in 2010. Built with crossover functionality, there’s no limit to the uses and capabilities of this pack. Our designers focused on introducing a hybrid materials construction while maintaining rugged military expectations for gear performance. The 40 Hour Pack is lightweight without compromising abrasion resistance in all the right areas.

Features include:

  • Hybrid materials construction for optimal lightweight to ruggedness performance

  • Integrated rainfly

  • Hydration bladder compatible

  • Top-bottom bartacked carry handles for additional carry options when traversing obstacles

  • Both internal and external loop fields for ID and moral patches

  • Drainage grommets for full length external pouch, bladder sleeve and main compartment

  • Large admin pocket with organizational divider

  • PIG Plate Carrier-style airflow padding

  • Antimicrobial strap hardware

  • Pass-thru channel for padded belt upgrade (coming Spring 2016)

  • Internal frame sheet access panel

  • Made in the USA.

The PIG 40 is can be found on SKD Tactical’s Site HERE


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0241 Tactical Backpack Cover Field Test

Product Need and Purpose: If you have a backpack you sometimes find a need to prevent harmful weather or conditions from affecting the contents of your kit. Whether it is from rain, snow, dew, dust, sand or the occasional passing bird, literally. Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning to find your kit destroyed by the elements. Something else to consider when determining the need for this product is, I find different sleep systems don’t always come in a protective bag, yet they are usually strapped to the outside of your pack leaving them and you exposed. A big problem is in trying to conceal yourself when your backpack may not always match the environment you are in. Most common persons are not able to have a pack for every environment or even be able to switch between environments, as that is not practical. The 0241 Tactical Multi-cam Backpack Cover (0241 TBC) gives you a solution to that problem. The company advertises the cover as follows.

Photo Feb 25, 3 56 05 PM

0241Tactical’s  Multi-cam Backpack Covers are made from 100% USA Crye-Multicam 400 Denier Cordura, light weight, waterproof, Near Infrared, abrasion resistant berry compliant, material that will fit a large ALICE Backpack/Bergen or a pack or similar sized packs. Backpack Covers provide additional camouflage options by easily changing the color of your existing pack to match your current kit or uniform while protecting your pack’s contents from dust and debris while adding to your overall camouflage scheme. Produced by 0241Tactical in the United States. I definitely can see a need to add this product to my kit, but does it stand up to the claims? We shall find out.

Photo Feb 25, 4 00 42 PM

First Impressions: On first examination of the 0241 TBC it seemed thin, very light weight and the color appeared not as bold or crisp as some of the other 0241 products I have seen. It looked like a really large shower cap and the elastic seemed to really stretch as far as I could pull it returning to its original size immediately. As soon as I could I had to spray it with water, as I was unsure by touch if it was waterproof. When I did the water repelled violently off the material like it would off a ducks back, I was impressed. I was so impressed I thought it was to good to be true and it could not last. So I set the 0241 TBC up to hold water as though it formed a pocket with water weight and I left the puddle on it for an extended period of time. I kept coming back expecting to find the water seeping through although it did not and when I got tired of proving its waterproof capabilities started looking forward to putting this product through the paces.

Photo Feb 25, 12 47 54 PM


Product Mulligan: I could not find a mulligan on this product. It seems the 0241 TBC fits well the intended purpose it was created for and I actually found many other uses besides the one intended.

Product use and performance: I am impressed with the 0241 TBC as it is a practical piece of gear with many uses besides its intended use. As far as using it as a Backpack cover it works well to keep the rain, sand and other elements off and out of the gear in your backpack. It also works well transforming my original camouflage pattern to another pattern that will be more effective in different environments at different times of the year. The only down fall I saw, I believe the company has corrected in later models and that is in high wind conditions it can come off your pack. They since have added a drawstring, which will eliminate that problem and the slack when used on smaller packs. But this is well known information, I want to get to what I like about this product the most and that is its versatility. In a bushcraft, survival or self-reliance scenario every piece of gear has to have multifunction to be of use and the 0241 TBC does just that. In addition to its intended use I was able to make a stand out of limbs and catch rainwater for drinking, cooking and cleaning. The 0241 TBC also worked as a pouch when you needed to gather fire tender and bed making materials. Another use I found is if you combine it with a peace of cordage you can wrap you fish or meat up and put it in your backpack without getting blood and guts all over your other items in your kit. I also used it to contain my dirty and wet cloths for the trip home. To sum this review up, the 0241 Tactical Backpack Cover was an extremely useful peace of gear that was light weight, durable, waterproof and I found to have many useful functions other than its intended use. The $28.00 you spend on this item could be well worth it if you find yourself in any of these scenarios or worse.

Photo Feb 25, 4 00 42 PM


Tested By RC Reinolds

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